I need a home where my humans will make me a part of their family and give me time and love. Teach me and guide me to be the best beagle I can be. I have such an awesome personality and temperament that you will just love my beagle-ness.

If my humans can't take me to their home forever, a temporary home will do until I can find my forever family. I promise I will be a good beagle while you help me out.




I understand you may not be able to take me into your home right now, but while I am waiting for my forever family, can you please help by giving just a few dollars to help with my beagle care?

Beagle Rescue

Buddy Beagle

Beagle Extraordinaire


Welcome, Beagle lovers, fellow doggies and potential rescuers. I’m Buddy, an adorable beagle boy who was rescued by my humans and brought to my forever home. My humans are awesome! They love me unconditionally and take such good care of me. I do my best to show my humans how much I appreciate them by giving them kisses every chance I get. I howl to let them know how excited I am that they saw something extraordinary in me when no one else did. They gave me a second chance in life by rescuing me and bringing me to my forever home. My safe haven is my place to let my beagle-ness out cause I know how much I am loved.